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Marija Bubanja1, Rajko Milasinovic1, Danilo Bojanic1

1University of Montenegro, Faculty for Sports and Physical Education, Niksic, Montenegro

Effect of Morphological Characteristics and Motor Abilities on the Execution of Technical Elements in Alpine Skiing

Sport Mont 2016, 14(3), 11-14


Testing was conducted on a sample of 35 subjects, students of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in Niksic, who attend regular classes of the Based skiing. There were two systems implied during the testing and those are a predicator system of variables and a criterion system of variables. The predictor system of variables consists of 9 morphological measurements (body weight, chest circumference, thigh volume, body height, the length of the lower leg, arm length, knee diameter, shoulder width and pelvic width) and 8 motor skills (hand tapping, foot tapping, bend-twist-touch, balance with closed eyes, balance with open eyes, agility in the air, side steps, backwards polygon). The criterion system of variables consists of 4 situational motor task (oblique descent, turn towards the slope, V shift, basic meandering). Based on the obtained results, basic descriptive statistic indicators have been calculated: range-Range, minimum-Min, the maximum-Max, arithmetic average-Mean, standard error of arithmetic mean-Std.Error Mean, standard deviation-SD. According the results of regression analysis it could be concluded that the system of 17 predictor variables (9 morphological and 8 motor skills) have achieved a statistically significant impact on the efficiency of the performance of ski technique-two out of four situational motor tasks (criterion system) and those are: V-turn and basic meandering. On the other hand, the system of 17 predictor variables has not achieved statistically significant effect on the efficiency of execution of technical elements of ski techniques on two situational motor task, and those are: oblique descent and turn towards the slope.


skiing, morphological characteristics, motor abilities

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