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Articles by author Serhiy Smyrnovskyy

  Original Scientific Paper

Multi-Functional Technical Devices for Improvement and Control of Athletes’ Preparedness in Martial Arts

Olha Zadorozhna1, Yuriy Briskin1, Maryan Pityn1, Serhiy Smyrnovskyy1, Zoryana Semeryak2, Ivan Khomiak1, Ivan Hlukhov3

1Lviv State University of Physical Culture, Department of Theory of Sports and Physical Culture, Lviv, Ukraine
2Lviv State University of Physical Culture, Department of Fencing, Boxing and National Martial Arts, Lviv, Ukraine
3Kherson State University, Department of Medical and Biological Foundations of Physical Education and Sports, Kherson, Ukraine

Sport Mont 2020, 18(1), 9-14

DOI: 10.26773/smj.200202

Abstract | Article (PDF – 254KB) | References