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Stevo Popovic1, Rajko Milasinovic1

1University of Montenegro, Faculty for Sports and Physical Education, Niksic, Montenegro

Model of Advertising Communication in Sport

Sport Mont 2016, 14(1), 33-38


The objective of this study represent the advertising communication, while the main goal will be directional to creating of advertising model with specific retrospection in sport. The main tasks of this study are, the first conducting a situational analysis, then setting objectives for advertising, deciding on the budget funds, choosing the target market, creation of the advertising messages, selection of appropriate media, as well as evaluating effectiveness of advertising. During the making of this study, the author used descriptive method with consulting of competent literature. The previous author’ experience in this field was also so useful. Moreover, the author used the analytic method and parallel method that is the most productive if you make some inferences about some appearance. Consequently, the main outcome of this study was creation of conceptual model of advertising communication with special application in sport industry.


Advertising, Communication, Sport, Model

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