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Ihor Vypasniak1, Sergii Popel1, Bohdan Mytskan1, Zınovii Ostapiak1, Iryna Ivanyshyn1

1Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, Department of Physical Education and Sport, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

Reactive Changes of Buccal Epitheliocytes and Erythrocytes in Students with Different Somatic Health and Cardiorespiratory Endurance Levels

Sport Mont 2020, 18(2), 9-14 | DOI: 10.26773/smj.200620


This paper aims to identify the specific features in buccal epitheliocytes’ and peripheral blood erythrocytes’ structural changes for students with different somatic health and cardiorespiratory endurance levels. Forty male students aged 17 were enrolled in this study, divided into three groups: 15 students with above-average and average somatic health levels, 15 students with below-average somatic health level, and a control group consisting of 10 healthy students. Cardio-respiratory endurance was determined using a 12-minute shuttle run test. Histological specimens were stained with azure and eosin and examined with a Leika DME light microscope. To obtain cell images, an Olympus Camedia C-480 ZOOM digital video camera was used. Determination of nucleus and cytoplasm structural perimeters on cytological medicine was performed using BioVision 4.0 software. Students with different somatic health levels were found to have regular reactive changes in the morphometric parameters of the buccal epitheliocytes and peripheral blood erythrocytes after cardiorespiratory endurance testing. As the proportion of discocytes decreases, and the contents of spherocytes and stomatocytes increases, a significant enrichment of microrelief and an increase of peripheral blood erythrocytes atypical forms occur, which indicates the low membrane resistance to the maximal aerobic physical activity in students with low somatic health. The revealed morphometric changes of buccal epitheliocytes and peripheral blood erythrocytes during physical activity are conditioned by the somatic health level, which affects the deformation degree of erythrocytes, limits the production of new, functionally active cells, and leads to a delay in the differentiation processes of cells within an increasing number of cells with raised core sizes, which closely correlates with the number of levels achieved during 12-minute shuttle run test.


epitheliocytes, erythrocytes, morphometry, core-cytoplasmic ratio, somatic health, cardio-respiratory endurance

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