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Goran Dimitric1, Nebojsa Cokorilo1, Milica Bogdanovski1

1University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, Novi Sad, Serbia

Relations between Anthropometric Characteristics and Motor Abilities of 14 – 15U Female Swimmers on 50m Result for each Technique

Sport Mont 2016, 14(3), 37-40


In aim of correlation between antropometric characteristics, motor abilities and results of swimming 50m in all swimming techniques, a group of 22 swimmers (girls) of Serbian national team, aged 14-15, underwent some anthropometric measurements as well as some motor abilities. Observed longitudinal dimensions were: body height, body mass, arm span and torax circumference and observed motor abilities were: body strength (arms, legs, stomach) and flexibility (trunk and arms). Regression analisys showed that arm span corellated with 50m butterfly and free style score as well as strenght of body and legs corellated with 50m backstroke and free style score. Other measures didn΄t corelatted significantly on this sample. Study results confirms importance of arm span and some segments of body strenhgt of swimmers (girls) for successful swimm on 50m in butterfly, backstroke and freestyle techniques in the age 14-15 years.


anthropometric characteristics, motor-abilities, swimming, 50m frestyle, butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke

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