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Gordana Furjan-Mandic1, Biljana Bilbija1, Josipa Radas1, Gordana Ivkovic2

1University of Zagreb, Faculty of Kinesiology, Zagreb, Croatia
2University of Zadar, Centre for Gymnastics and Student Sports, Zadar, Croatia

Impact of Home Fitness Program on Anthropological Characteristics of Physically Active and Physically Inactive People

Sport Mont 2018, 16(1), 33-36 | DOI: 10.26773/smj.180207


Main purpose of this work is presentation of a complex program that consists of simple program content focusing towards targeted change of important anthropological characteristics. To achieve the objective, authors created “stay at home” fitness program with simple exercise content which is adjusted for both trainees based on their fitness level. The sample is defined as a pattern of two trainees. One exerciser is male and physically inactive and the other is female and physically active. The initial and final state of the subjects is determined with 4 tests for assessment of morphological characteristics and 6 tests for assessment of motor abilities. For comparison of the measured results of the initial and final state of the respondents we used the method of calculating the difference expressed as a percentage, using the “Microsoft Excel”. After completing treatment, we’ve observed positive changes in all measures for the assessment of anthropological status, for trained and untrained persons.


fitness, female, male, anthropological characteristics

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