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Goran Barovic1, Dusko Vujacic1, Velibor Spalevic1

1University of Montenegro, Faculty of Philosophy, Niksic, Montenegro

Cartography in Sports and Sports in Cartography

Sport Mont 2021, 19(1), 115-118 | DOI: 10.26773/smj.210214


This paper presents the author’s aspiration to determine a connection between cartography and sports. Cartography, created even before the advent of writing, allowed man to portray a part of the space in which he lived. This way of connecting cartography with other scientific disciplines has been done on several occasions. Its connection with, for example, ecology, climatology, hydrography has been explained, so this will be another in a series of works from a wide range of scientific fields with which a connection is made. The aim of this paper is to determine possible connections between cartography and sport in all its forms of appearance. Sports, once merely a set of physical activities and skills, is now a field in which science is making spectacular discoveries related to numerous human works. Interconnected in several ways, they complement each other and help each other in accomplishing certain tasks. Cartography seeks topics and ways of presenting interesting and diverse content related to sports sciences and sports activities, while sport in cartography finds help in communicating the results of scientific research, and also uses it as an aid and service in numerous sports events, thus facilitating work processes. The paper will also explain the use of the cartographic method, which is the basic method of work in cartography with implementation procedures, as well as the scientific meaning that is manifested through the definition of three categories: spatial, temporal and essential definition. By analyzing all of the above, it can be concluded that the connection between cartography and sports has been realized for mutual benefit. Cartography expands its possibilities of work and presentation on given topics, while sport in all its areas gets a chance to express everything that is important to it and to make it very clear and easy to understand.


cartography, sport map, cartographic method, cartographic sign

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