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Dusko Bjelica1

1Crnogorska sportska akademija



Sport Mont 2007, V(12-13-14), 532-538


The mo ving con sists of a set of mo ve ments ma de on right ti me with a ca re fully cho sen in ten sity. Every com po sed mo ving is har mo ni o us but if we ru i ned that har mony in only one se ge ment, if only one mo ve ment was ma de too early or too la te with a gre a ter for ce, it wo uld de stroy the who le pro ce du re and the re sult wo uldn’t be op ti mal.The analysis of every com po sed sport mo ve ment is usu ally do ne in two pha ses: in the fi rst one it sho uld be esta blis hed the le vel of the tec hni cal know led ge, and in the se cond that know led ge sho uld be com pa red to the tec hi que of the sport man in that di sci pli ne. The only in di ca tors of the tec hni que of com plex mo ve ment are the fi rst and the second re sults of the ex ce e ded way and the se i zed an gle from the ac tual and re pre sen ta ti ve po int that are re pre sen ted di gi tally and by ana lo gue. When we com pa re tho se re sults with the re sults of a top spor tsman we will be co me awa re of the de vi a tion from the op ti mal compo si tion of the mo ve ments in to a mo ving and we will esta blish a re la ti on ship bet we en the fa i lu res and the ir con se qu en ces.


pa ra digm, ex ce e ded way,the se i zed an gle, pe rip he ral speed, an gu lar speed, pe rip he ral ac ce le ra tion, an gu lar ac ce le ra tion, fi gu ra ti ve po ints, re pre sen ta ti ve points

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